Urd CV Generator


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Urd CV Generator

Urd is our nifty little 4 channel fader bank. Consider Urd your best friend when you want to implement hands-on control on modules that only has a CV input over a specific function, or if you want to add more control to an existing function that could benefit from a fader.

On Urd you have 4 independent channels with linear, uni-polar outputs going from 0-5V or 0-10V. The output range can be switched from the front with the slide switch on the bottom.

The panel is made of anodized, black aluminium with laser engraved graphics. This combination is very strong, the graphics will never fade or tear.

4 HP

25mm deep

Reverse polarity power protection

11mA +12v

8mA -12v

0mA +5v


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